British police plan to use behavioral data to stop ‘potential offenders’ from committing crime

Oct 20, 2022 | News

UK police intend to use data on previous behavior to stop ‘potential offenders’ from committing crime. On this issue, current reports in the British media quote the Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police, Sir Mark Rowley, who announced that the force under his command plans to use behavioral data collected from tens of thousands of men to predict who might commit violent crimes against women and use these “evidence” to prevent crime. Rowley had previously been in charge of counter-terrorism policing efforts in the UK for four years, and that’s where he got the idea. However, at the moment, no complete analysis is yet available, and even less is known what technologies would be used to achieve this future goal. At the moment, the Metropolitan Police of London is creating a database of men known for violent behavior against women and girls. The aim will continue to be to see if it is possible to create a clearer picture of future risks, to predict and ban men who commit violent crimes against women not girls, based on previous behavior as statistically tested risk factors.

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