Working papers

Working paper – Artificial intelligence as a security topic for the European Union and other international organizations

Along the lines of the European Union, but also other transnational platforms, artificial intelligence has been explicitly perceived for at least the last three years (since 2018) as a cross-cutting priority, a topic that needs to be intensively addressed. An important dimension of the agent is represented by security aspects, use, but also the potential for misuse of artificial intelligence. Countries in this area cannot manage the situation alone, they need the help of private players, the security industry. This is also a promising topic for profiling the Czech Republic at the supranational level, for example partly in the context of the upcoming Presidency.

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Worksheet – Current safety challenges related to water scarcity and high temperatures in the Czech Republic

The paper is a modification of the background, originally prepared for the unrealized II. annual scientific
konference “Water – Drought”, which was prepared within the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech
Republic in March 2020. Specific aspects related to the provision of local
matters of public order, fire protection and high temperatures in the summer months are mentioned.

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