International Institute for Security ú. is engaged in security and defense issues at both domestic and foreign level. Our team consists of experts with diverse skills and experience, and we therefore have a comprehensive view of the issue. We mainly focus on:

    • international cooperation in the field of security and defense,
    • collection and analysis of news and information and
    • testing and implementation of new security and defense technologies.

The Czech Republic is statistically one of the safest countries in the world. We hope that our activities contribute to keeping it that way. However, we do not live in a vacuum, our surroundings shape us and it is therefore necessary to understand and analyze the situation abroad. This means monitoring events in neighboring countries, in the European Union and at the geopolitical level. We have provided our services to a number of public and private organizations in the past.


JUDr. Rudolf Blažek

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Rudolf Blažek is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of Charles University. During his career, he gained a lot of experience in many positions of public administration. Namely, he worked in Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy (Transport company of the capital city of Prague), in Pražská vodohospodářská společnost (Prague Water Management Company), as the director of the Městská policie hl. m. Prahy (City Police of Prague), as the Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Prague and as the Deputy Minister of Defense for Armaments and Acquisitions.

Ing. Jiří Čuma (gen. v.v.)

Member of the Board of Directors

Jiří Čuma is a graduate of the Antonín Zápotocký Military Academy in Brno, where he studied State Defense Management. During his active military service, he gradually held the positions of commander of the 76th and 71st Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigades, Deputy Commander of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Czech Armed Forces and Deputy Commander of the Air Force of the Army of the Czech Republic. After completing his active service, he worked in managerial positions in the armament section of the Ministry of Defense and subsequently as the director of the o.z. VTÚL and PVO by VTÚ s.p.

Ing. Jaroslav Řeha (plk. gšt. v.v.)

Member of the Board of Directors

Jaroslav Řeha is a graduate of the Antonín Zápotocký Military Academy in Brno, where he completed selective interdisciplinary studies in Tank and Automotive Technical Security and Computing. Later, he also completed postgraduate doctoral studies, which he completed with a state rigorous examination. During his military service from 1980 to 2011, he gradually gained practical experience from basic to the highest positions in the field of logistics and information technology – from programmer, analyst, project manager to top positions in the field of IT MO and the Army of the Czech Republic.

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