Security consultancy

The International Institute for Security offers a wide range of consultancy services in the field of security. Specifically, we help our clients in the following areas:

Processing of threat and risk analysis and designing security precautions

We offer processing of many threat and risk analysis with the subsequent proposal of specific recommendations and precautions for our clients. We train staff with respect to these new security precautions. We have experience, for example, with soft target entities or critical infrastructure.

Comparing security technologies

While working on various security precautions, our experts encounter several technological solutions. This is why we have extensive experience in comparing individual technologies. We provide our clients with consulting services and analysis of individual technological solutions suitable for their conditions. We have experience, for example, with software and hardware of intelligent camera systems or technologies of cyber protection of railway transport.

Mapping of possibilities of public funding

We evaluate the situation of public funding in various Czech and EU programs. We focus on programs supporting research and innovation and specific development of security systems. In addition to mapping of the situation, we also provide our clients with specific project proposals. We work, for example, with programs of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic and the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. We also understand funding from the European Defense Fund and Horizon Europe.

Support in managing the research and innovation projects

We offer our clients professional and organizational support in processing applications for public funding. We offer solvers from our ranks and at our partners who may participate in a specific project and thus ensure an agreement between the solving team and the user of the project results.