Cyber security

Our activities focus on supporting the implementation and selection of specific cyber protection measures. We have experience especially in the field of healthcare and transport.

Our infrastructure is becoming increasingly dependent on modern information technologies. On one hand, the use of these technologies gives us many of the benefits that the modern world offers, but on the other hand, new unique threats are emerging that need to be addressed. Our experts deal with cyber security, especially in the field of railway transport and healthcare, depending on our experience in these sectors in the past.

At present, we can find many solutions on the market; in practice, these solutions usually focus on two factors – human and technical. In the case of the human factor, staff need to be properly trained to follow a correct safety protocol and avoid risky behavior. A typical example might be familiarizing employees with social engineering tactics through which potential attackers can try to break into information systems.

At the technical level, this can be hardware elements that ensure a secure flow of data between storage and users. This can also be software applications that look for suspicious behavior in an information system. In railway transport and in healthcare, a huge amount of sensitive data is used every day. Disruption of the flow, theft or alteration of this data can have negative effects not only on the functionality of the infrastructure, but also directly on the health of staff and the public. Following the introduction of the measures, it is good practice to carry out a series of penetration tests and, based on their results, to amend the existing procedures accordingly.

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