EDA’s Annual Report 2021

Mar 30, 2022 | News

25.3. European Defence Agency (EDA) has published its annual report for 2021. The report summarizes the Agency’s activities over the past year, in particular in relation to the instruments administered by the EDA within the European Union (EU) – CARD, PESCO and EDF.

Specifically, it is the Coordinated Annual Review on Defence (CARD), during which the findings of the previous review were implemented and a new CARD cycle was launched. In the framework of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), which is financed from the European Defense Fund (EDF), 14 new projects were implemented in particular, bringing the total number of projects to 60.

As part of development and research, progress has been made in many projects aimed at naval, air and ground forces. These include projects aimed at disposing of explosives underwater, expanding the fleet of refueling aircraft or advances in the acquisition of anti-tank weapons.

Given the nature of the EDA, emphasis is placed on improving the interoperability of European armies and the standardization of procedures and technologies. Joint exercises focusing on the different capabilities of the European Armed Forces have also been expanded.

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