ICA Webinar: CPTED for architects

May 18, 2023 | News

On Saturday, May 13 The International Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Association (ICA) hosted a webinar introducing the concept of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) for architects. The webinar presented CPTED in detail and was accompanied by a number of practical demonstrations.

Specifically, the role of architects  in the field of crime prevention, common challenges that must be faced when implementing CPTED, the impact of implementation on project budgets, the benefits of implementation and the role of CPTED in sustainable development were discussed. Great emphasis was placed on working with  the local community and the connectedness and openness of public spaces.

Individual speakers were CPTED experts from around the world – Tinus Kruger (ICA Director, South Africa), Percival Barboza (CPTED Brazil, Brazil) and Dr. Manjari Khanna Kapoor (Director ICA, India). This composition of lecturers provided a presentation of very interesting perspectives on crime prevention, which may seem very unconventional from a European perspective. You can find the recording below.