Net-Zero Industry Act

Mar 20, 2023 | News

With its proposal from March 16, 2023 the European Commission wants to make the European Union a base for the production of clean technologies and green jobs. This proposal is part of the EU industrial plan and aims primarily to strengthen the resilience and competitiveness of European industry. The proposal creates better conditions for the establishment of zero-energy projects in Europe and will attract investment and support the creation of quality jobs and the achievement of energy independence. This proposal will also help increase the resilience of Europe’s clean energy supply chains. Technologies to support decarbonisation include: solar photovoltaics and solar thermal, onshore wind and offshore renewables, batteries and storage, heat pumps and geothermal, electrolyzers and fuel cells, biogas/biomethane, capture, use and storage carbon and grid technologies, sustainable alternative fuel technologies, advanced energy generation technologies from nuclear processes with minimal fuel cycle waste, small modular reactors and associated best-in-class fuels.

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