Introduction of the Ochrana a Bezpečnost journal

The expert journal Ochrana a Bezpečnost [Protection and Security] was founded in 2012 as an electronic quarterly of the civic association (later a society), Protection and Security. Since 2021, the International Institute for Security has been the publisher of the journal.

The journal aims to connect security theory with practice with an emphasis on current and progressive topics. Especially in the areas of population protection, public and critical infrastructure and socially significant objects or places with a large concentration of people. It does not neglect even the technical aspects of security or potential topics for security research and seeks to monitor and compare international or transnational aspects of security challenges and issues.”

Latest issue of the journal

In the latest issue, you can read an interview with Lt. Gen. Drahoslav Ryba, who for the last 10 years led the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic (HZS ČR). You will learn, among other things, in what state he took the organization over from his predecessor, what challenges he faced, what he considers to be milestones of his work as the head of the HZS ČR or what tasks the HZS ČR faces in the future.

The contributing authors also focused on topics such as the safety of the operation of autonomous vehicles, security challenges related to water scarcity and high temperatures in the Czech Republic, regional cross-border cooperation with an emphasis on firefighting issues, typology of security incidents in the banking sector, threatening objects in the Czech Republic with special emphasis on explosives warehouses or privatization of local public order matters in Iceland.

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Edition Notice

Chairman of the Editorial Board: JUDr. Rudolf BLAŽEK
Deputy Chairman of the Editorial Board, responsible for peer-reviewed contributions: doc. Mgr. Oldřich KRULÍK, Ph. D.
Secretary of the Editorial Board: Ing. Adéla JODASOVÁ
Members of the Editorial Board: JUDR. Jan VIDRNA; Mgr. Robert PERGL; Prof. Ing. Bedřich ŠESTÁK, DrSc.; JUDr. TomአKONÍČEK; Jiří CÍVKA

Ochrana a Bezpečnost
MK ČR E 24234 | ISSN 1805-5656 (Online) | ISSN 2787-9739 (Print)
Published 4 times a year, place of publication: Prague
Issue and date of publication: 1/2021, 31 August, 2021
tel.: +420 224 232 611