The nature of the activities of the International Institute for Security requires our experts to have in-depth knowledge of many security topics around which our activities operate. By combining knowledge of individual topics, we can provide our clients with more comprehensive view of the issue. The following are examples of topics that are central to our work:

Critical infrastructure

Protection of the core infrastructure of the Czech Republic and the EU pursuant to the crisis law.

Soft targets

Protection of buildings and places with a low level of security and a high concentration of people.

Smart city and Urban resilience

Building urban systems using modern technology, for a purpose of greater efficiency, safety and resilience.

Cyber security

Protection of important information and  communication systems and technologies.

Safety documents and standards

Collection and analysis of ČSN standards related to safety to support our activities.

Crime prevention

Security consultancy for municipalities and cities implementing projects of crime prevention and prevention of criminal and other anti-social activities.

Public research support programs

Mapping and analysis of security programs of public support in the conditions of the Czech Republic and the EU.

Evacuation and Crowd management

Creating measures for the quick and safe evacuation of people from buildings and public spaces.