The Czech Office for the Protection of Personal Data has published its annual report for the year 2022

Apr 24, 2023 | News

The Office for Personal Data Protection has published an annual report that provides comprehensive information on all aspects of  its activities in 2022. The annual report initially emphasizes the dynamic development of information and communication technologies, which moves a significant part of communication into the virtual space and thus leads dominantly to digital communication. This is associated  with extensive permanent processing of personal data.

The misuse of a large amount of personal data both as a result of criminal activity and by the administrators of this data themselves, and the related scandalization of some platforms abroad, logically led to a fundamental intensification of the protection of personal data both at the level of European Union bodies and national supervisory authorities.

The  content of the document shows the large scope of the office’s activities and its importance in terms of the functioning of  society today. One of the  parts of the annual report is dedicated to the sensitive area of healthcare, where a case of a fine being awarded to a hospital for inadequate security of personal data is given.

More information here (In Czech)