EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report

Nov 28, 2022 | News

Europol’s annual report on the situation and trends in the field of terrorism contains statistical data, describes the main developments and trends related to the situation in the field of terrorism in the EU in 2021. It is based on verified qualitative and quantitative data provided by Member States on terrorist attacks, arrests and judicial decisions issued for terrorist offences. It also contains valuable qualitative information and assessments from Europol’s partners that enrich the report’s findings to reflect on possible developments outside the EU that have an impact on the security of the EU and its citizens.

Although the primary focus of the report is terrorism, it also lists specific violent extremist incidents, acts and activities, where relevant and available, as reported by EU Member States. The report thus provides a current situational picture of terrorism in the EU and at the same time highlights some future challenges. It informs policymakers, law enforcement officials and the wider public about developments related to terrorism, as well as forms of extremism that may influence or be linked to terrorism.

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