This time, the expert magazine Protection and Security focused on smart solutions and new options for ensuring security and crime prevention

May 18, 2022 | Press Releases

The International Institute for Security has published a record of the workshop New Possibilities in the Field of Situational Crime Prevention

Prague, May 12, 2022 – A new issue of the journal Ochrana a bezpečnost has been published. On its website, Czech security experts and crime prevention experts focus on innovative technological tools that help in the public and private spheres to ensure security. The current issue also includes a look at the medium-term crime prevention strategy of the Czech Republic for the period 2022 to 2027 and news in the field of the use of artificial intelligence in the fight against crime. The Protection and Security magazine is published in printed and electronic form. Its distribution is targeted and free. The publisher is the International Institute for Security (MBI). On its website, the current and previous issues can be downloaded free of charge after previous registration.

The editors of the journal Ochrana a bezpečnost aim to maintain a balance between the expertise of the papers and the comprehensible form of presentation of expert topics. Title interview with the director of the crime prevention department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic JUDr. Michal Barbořík discusses the new medium-term crime prevention strategy of the Czech Republic from 2022 to 2027. It builds on successful activities from the previous period and aims to complete points and programs that could not be completed due to external and internal factors. Of course, it also brings a number of new goals and measures. It devotes more space, for example, to the issue of situational crime prevention, crime committed by and against children, or prevention of ubiquitous cyber threats.

From the content of the current issue, it is also possible to draw attention to, for example, interviews with Jiří Jirkovský, CEO of VDT Technology and Rudolf Blažek from the International Institute for Security, or looking back at a conference on new opportunities in situational crime prevention. How innovative technologies work in practice is described in articles devoted to the Numeri project, which uses modern image analysis or an artificial intelligence system for CertiConVis camera systems.

“The deadline of the current issue took place at a time when there was an unprecedented Russian aggression against Ukraine. The European continent has not experienced a similar rate of destruction since the end of World War II. Its international impact is already huge. Further impacts are now difficult to predict. That is why the next issue of the journal Ochrana a bezpečnost will focus on this context,” says the Chairman of the Editorial Board, Rudolf Blažek, about the content of the next issue.

Ochrana a bezpečnost

The Expert Magazine Ochrana a bezpečnost was founded in 2012 as an electronic journal of the civic
association and later the Ochrana a bezpečnost association. Since 2021,
its publisher has been the International Institute for Security. Registration number of the periodical assigned by the Ministry of Culture: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic: MK ČR E
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