Update of the European Union rules for urban waste water treatment

Mar 10, 2023 | News

As part of the European Green Deal, the EC submitted a proposal in October 2022 to revise the directive on urban wastewater treatment within the EU. This directive dates back to 1991 and serves as a tool to achieve the objectives of the EU water policy, but it needs to be updated and adapted to new challenges and realities.

The revised proposal would introduce new obligations to better control stormwater pollution, impose stricter standards for nutrient removal, and require advanced treatment to remove micropollutants. An extended producer responsibility (EPR) system targeting pharmaceuticals and cosmetics would be created to cover treatment costs. In order to bring the directive into line with the ambitions of the Green Deal, an obligation of energy neutrality would be introduced for waste water treatment plants. Requirements for water reuse and sludge management would be clarified to improve circulation. Health parameters would be monitored in wastewater to support public health measures.

The legislative process itself is currently at its beginning.

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