Crowd science as a potential scientific discipline?

Jan 22, 2023 | News

Our colleague doc. Mgr. Oldřich Krulík, Ph.D. published a study on the topic – Crowd science as a potential scientific discipline? To the specialist journal of the Population Protection Institute of the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic – The science for population protection. 

The study specifically focuses on the presentation of scientific activity  abroad in  the field of crowd management. V první části text představuje výstupy odborníků z Manchester Metropolitan University a jejich Model hodnocení rizik bezpečnosti davu (DIM-ICE). In  this section, the reader will learn why this emerging science is important, how to define and categorize the crowd, how the model was applied to case studies, and the conclusions drawn from the studies.

The second part focuses on a study by experts from the University of Amsterdam, who dealt with the issue of  manipulation of crowd size data, mainly for reasons of  political gain. The third part is focused on the view of an architect from the University of Minnesota on the issue of crowd management, who is trying to introduce mathematical order into the field of crowd simulation. The fourth part is focused on research outputs that are related to  the area of crowd management or represent a very unconventional view and solution. At the end of the study, he summarizes the most important findings from the text.

This is interesting material for the needs of the professional public. It is also noteworthy for our research activity, especially in the project – Digital modeling of evacuation plans in buildings of interest and soft targets with elements of artificial intelligence.

We must also mention the other content of the magazine, which includes a number of other interesting articles from  different areas. As an example, we draw your attention to the results of the tests of the two-way transmission system of the unified warning and notification system, the tightness testing of protective hoods or the article about the alarm service of the  First Czechoslovakia Republic and its link.

The whole issue is  available (in Czech) here.